Christine's Vision

Christine is a fierce advocate for students and will fight for equity, health, and safety within our schools. She believes in the power of collaboration and cooperation between stakeholders. She is committed to ensuring that not only does the community feel seen but that members of the community impacted by decisions of the board are consulted for input in the decision-making process.

As a champion for education, Christine knows that public schools are an essential part of our community. She is committed to being a catalyst for change within the district, ensuring that community voices are heard as difficult decisions are faced over the coming years. She has demonstrated collaborative leadership in her career, and has built partnerships in the higher education and nonprofit sectors. She is passionate about providing equitable opportunities for students enrolled in secondary education and preparing them for postsecondary education and the workforce.

Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Christine believes that our schools should ensure the success of all students, and will work to:

    • Provide support for socioeconomically disadvantaged students, English language learners, and students experiencing homelessness, including both academic and social services.

    • Advocate for digital and physical accessibility for students with disabilities. Ensure that teachers have the resources, training, and support necessary to cultivate physically and digitally inclusive classrooms.

    • Support mental health services and students' mental well-being.

    • Create inclusive and affirming environments for LGBTQIA+ students.

    • Help marginalized students feel safe and represented in our schools and curriculum.

Picture of Christine Hernandez and woman with white cane standing in front of podium with CSUF logo

Promote Health and Safety in our Schools

Our students, families, teachers, and staff have faced unprecedented challenges these last few years. Christine will work to ensure that:

    • Students, teachers, staff, and families feel safe on campus.

    • Students have the mental health and other social services they need to cope with these challenging times.

Christine smiling and standing with a student wearing an "honors" sash in front of steps

Advance College and Career Readiness Programs in the District

Christine has spent a career in higher education helping students succeed in college and beyond. She wants to bring that that experience to the board by:

  • Promoting partnerships with colleges, universities, community organizations, businesses, and trade organizations to help prepare students for success.

  • Supporting career and technical education to give students the tools and transferable skills they need to thrive in a dynamic job environment.

Encourage Community Engagement and Collaboration

Christine knows that engagement and collaboration are vital to supporting the success of our students. As a board member, Christine will:

    • Proactively engage with students, teachers, staff, and parents with regular meetings to ensure their perspectives are considered in district decision-making.

    • Work with other public agencies, local community groups, and businesses to support student success.

    • Advocate for clear communication between the district and the community.

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