Meet Christine

Christine Hernandez has spent over a decade as an educator focused on empowering communities through her work at colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations.

Born and raised in Orange County, she received her bachelor's degree from California State University, Fullerton and a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

During her career, Christine has worked with programs designed to help first-generation students succeed in their educational careers and beyond. As the first in her household to go to college, Christine is keenly aware of the unique needs of first-generation students and is committed to supporting students as they make the transition out of high school.

With a commitment to educational community building, she has experience cultivating and strengthening relationships between local community organizations and colleges. She has a belief in the power of community voice strengthened by her work educating, advising, and mobilizing college students.

Christine has been nationally recognized for her work in student advisement and leadership, receiving awards from the American College Personnel Association, NASPA - Student Affairs in Higher Education, and the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She was most recently recognized with the Marilyn Veich Award for her commitment to improving the lives of students at Whittier College, where she currently works as the Director of the Office of Student Engagement.

Christine has been an active leader in higher education - serving multiple national and regional organizations.

Christine is a parent to a 5 year old daughter and lives in Midway City.

Her personal mission and work

Christine's philosophy is to leave a place better than she's entered it. She believes that we are all an integral part of the community and have a responsibility to each other. Christine understands the power of finding our voice and, at work, empowers her students to find theirs.

Relationship Building
While managing national campus partner programs at the American Association of University Women in Washington, DC, Christine's strength was in building relationships between colleges and local community organizations. Her ability to build trust and relationships remotely are strengths that can directly apply to the current leadership needs. She has experience in engaging stakeholders through multiple methods. When her college moved to online learning this Spring, Christine led her team to immediately provide resources and support to the students she served. In building community, Christine consistently advocates for transparency and ongoing feedback collected from all stakeholders.

Christine is committed to collaborative leadership and strengthening relationships in the community.

Christine speaking into a microphone at a podium. Screen in background describes point about Women and Girls in California.

Empowering Others
Christine is passionate about democratic engagement initiatives. This stems from her belief in the power of finding our voices and making sure those voices heard. For many years, Christine had served as a volunteer facilitator for Elect Her, a one-day nonpartisan training for women on how to run for student government & political office. As the Associate Director for Women's Leadership, Civic Engagement, and Assessment at Mount Saint Mary's University, in Los Angeles, Christine took the lead on organizing voter education, registration, and get out the vote efforts. When she came to Whittier College in August of 2019, one of her first goals was to begin relationship building in order to form a college-wide democratic engagement coalition. That coalition has led the way in non-partisan voter engagement efforts.

Christine will bring that energy to the Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) Board of Trustees.

HBUhSD Board of Trustees

Huntington Beach Union High School District's Board (HBUHSD) of Trustees is a five-member board responsible for leadership and oversight of its member schools. This district covers parts of Westminster, Midway City, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, and Huntington Beach.

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